Help others

Offer it free .. Get it free

  • What is this?

          Freesouq and it is a non-profit site that can offer you the ability to share stuff you don’t need for now or give away with good intention to people in need.

          You can also borrow things you need from others.


  • Why am I here?
    you knew about us from a friend or a post and you share us our hope in a better more solid world, so you wanted to see for yourself.


  • How can I start?
    register , enter your zip code and address. You can also add your work address. (won’t be shared with others)


  • What ?! There is no one in my area!
    oh, congratulation. You are Freesouq founder in your area. Start now. Let nothing stop you.


  • Do I need to add something ?
    of course! To be a part of our initiative, you need to add something to share or to give it away.


  • How can I add something ?
    press here and complete the form. You can add anything that can be borrowed or be useful to others.


  • How can I make a request ?
    press here and complete the request form. Wait for a notification when available. You can also try this and search through different categories. You can also search through the nearest place and meet your neighbors.


  • Why Freesouq ?
    to help each other, to get to know each other, to reduce expenses and because we want a more solid world.


  • Why do I need Freesouq ?
    because Freesouq reduces borders and gives you a nice connection between you and strangers. It would be awkward to knock on someone’s door you don’t know and ask for some tool. Imagine that!


  • How much is it cost ?
    nothing, it is free. Try it yourself.


  • So how do you make profits?
    we don’t


  • So you really are doing this for a better world !
    yes, now it is your turn.  Participate with us.