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About Us



About Us

Undoubtedly, you can bring life back to your belongings that have given you the best of your memories and became useless by the time.

In fact our website gives you the ability to reach needy people who might be in need to your belongings badly but unfortunately they can’t afford them, moreover; you  can give them a hand by teaching them a gifted talent or a required craft just to draw a smile on their faces.


Our Idea Origination

A point often overlooked which is the emergence of our website idea, actually, it has been emerged from a Facebook post where a woman was in need to a toy for her kid’s birthday, but she can’t afford one, once this post was published, many responded positively and offered to provide her with all her needs as well.

You may feel some exaggeration, but this woman helped significantly in turning this idea to reality through (Facebook), this what she did exactly, especially after the overwhelming happiness she and donators both felt after her dream has come true, this exactly what inspired us to launch our website.

In fact when you mold someone’s present or future, you create your happy memories with us, so do not miss the chance to register in our website , our slogan is to give free and take it free. 

Our Mission

As freesouq our aim is to achieve several goals:

First of all to help needy people, second, to maintain sources through providing them to needy instead of retaining them for long time Without avail, third, to reduce expenses in order to eliminate poverty from one hand and to spread Upscale values such as solidarity and cooperation among individuals for A coherent world on the other hand.

Our Vision

It is important to realize that every one of us feels the necessity to change the world, but how can we do that?

A recent study has proved that shopping affects Psychological health radically. As it overcomes the feeling of grief and depression due to work and life pressures. In other words; It provides us with happiness Double fold the one who does not shop around, but what about the stuff of belongings we have already bought but we don’t use them for now or we use them once every while?

In fact, We don’t know what your answer could be… but if your answer was the motive of visiting our website, so it might be important to know that our belief in sharing people’s belongings with others or providing them to needy for no return could turn us to better and happier individuals. Thus we launched this site because we have to 

  • Get benefit from the stuff we own as well as appreciating blessings we have Significantly, likewise; doing our best to thank god for his gifts by providing them to needy.
  • Providing an effective means of communication between needy and donators in order to spread cooperation and solidarity among society individuals.
  • Spread our idea as much as possible to the whole world through internet.
  • Cooperate with Charitable organizations In order to develop the means of helping needy.
  • Create a universal cooperating environment in the field of humanity services.


We believe that changing the world doesn’t require supernatural deeds or heroes. We believe that little exerted efforts from several individuals are better than just one great personal effort. Each person can widen his participation for achieving better results. The World can change radically through the spread of our good deeds, which is the shortest way to turn our world to better environment.

If you are interested in that, you are in the right place. Change the life of others around you. We are here to give you a hand.